Fairstone Sawn, ethically sourced, steps add the perfect finishing touch to your new or existing patio or driveway project.


Available in three natural colours which compliment perfectly with a wide variety of house types.  Each piece has a carefully handcrafted bull nosed edge and a smooth lightly textured finish; Fairstone Sawn steps will add appeal and elegance to your property.


Fairstone Sawn steps are carefully hand selected for consistency of colour and the smooth, finely grained surface finish provides outstanding non-slip practicality.  Fairstone Sawn steps are available in three piece step kits or individual centre stones giving greater flexibility to create bespoke designs.  The handcrafted, bull nosed edge adds a smooth contemporary look.  


Fairstone Sawn steps are hand selected sandstone from Kota in India. Available in three natural colours, which compliment a variety of house types.  Fairstone Sawn Steps is one of our natural stone steps products within our garden paving range.